New Pilates Studio Web Video

Karen and Peter Cronin are Cronin Creative, a dynamo of web design in Nashville. We’ve come close to collaborating a few times so I was thrilled when I saw that they had a client who understood the value of video for her new studio’s website: a 57% increase in Google’s ranking just for having video, and the sales edge of a human face to tell the story, rather than just words and stills.

After a scout and an hour’s interview with client Anissa Pollard to collect info about what she wanted to say about herself and her studio, I wrote a two-page script for her acceptance. We set a shoot date and I secured the Kessler slider, lights and crew (Skylar Proctor, who graciously doubled as AC and grip for me).

photoHere’s an iPhone shot from the scout.  You will notice that in the frame grab from the shoot she had installed a mirror along the right side wall, which looked great but added certain difficulties of reflections, etc., that had to be addressed. I decided that the studio, about the size of a long one-car garage, looked best shooting against the front doors. We put tracing paper on them to give a unified graphic look to them and insure nothing outside would be visible, even tho I was blowing them out.

 I felt that some light flair would be a helpful element in further diffusing the background and adding interest to the image. So we rigged a flair light on a boom in the back, adjusting for each shoot as needed, as below.

Annisa med shotFinally, we lit Anissa with an LED panel light of mine thru a large sheet of diffusion. Shooting on the Kessler slider(my favorite since it has variable drag) for the entire shoot allowed easy, integrated moves to complement Anissa’s own movement.

Pilates Studio_Anissa Pollard setup

The edit, done here, took a day and a half and she and Karen and Peter were all very happy with the results, as was I! We have some stills I did as part of the package that will be added to the new site in B&W very soon.

Anissa, Karen, Peter — thank you all so much for a great opportunity to help introduce Anissa’s talents and her new studio to Nashville and the world!

The story so far…

Staying out of trouble. So far, so good…

Camera Operator

Rob Lindsay Pictures


– Present (2 months)Nashville

I was happy and fortunate to be chosen by friend and cameraman Scott Mumford to work with him for two days last week shooting a sizzle reel for Kellie Pickler and Ryan Seacrest Productions.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, a sizzle is a 3-5 minute demo of a longer show a prod co creates to pitch to a network. It needs to demonstrate the characters and bones of the shows idea, and excite the execs about having it on their channel.

So we shot for two days at Ms Pickler’s beautiful home, and she and her husband Kyle were great hosts, on and off camera. She lights up a room when she smiles, which is most of the time. She and Kyle are great together — you can see the love they share and the fun they have together right away.

Scott and I cross-covered various scenes including a wild dinner with friends and shot a multitude of interviews with a minimum of equipment in the way of the reality world. I hope the show will be picked up cause I think it’s a hit — Kellie just glows on camera. Also, cause Kellie thanked the crew for being so supportive and easy to be with for two days :).

Ms Pickler, the pleasure was all ours.

Rob Lindsay Pictures


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (2 months)Nashville

The people at George Dickel, one of Tennessee’s finest distilleries, threw a party at Adele’s in Nashville for some of their favorite people.
It was my pleasure to be asked to shoot some of the festivities and food for them and for Taylor Strategy, out of Charlotte, NC.
Adele’s is one of Nashville’s best restaurants, housed in a pre-war wooden arched ceiling-ed building about as long as a football field it seems. Filled with bars, happy people, and warm light, Adele’s provided amazing food and great atmosphere.
I shot for two nights in two different ends of the restaurant. Moving among the guests required an on-camera flash, which i gelled with CTO to match the existing lights while dragging the shutter to ensure I got plenty of background exposed with the subjects. I added two flashes high on stands to bounce fill the room. Along with the slow shutter, these worked very well against the usual dark background that so many event photos end up with.
Thanks to Brianna, Joe, and Allison Fleischer (from Diageo) for the opportunity to help illuminate the good times!

_MG_0951_Dickel roast potatoes_Master
_MG_0963_Dickel table                        _MG_0502
Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (3 months)Nashville

I just spent a predictably manic and zany mid-afternoon with Nashville Arts Magazine editor Paul Polycarpou, shooting portraits for an article about Charlotte Tyerrell. Paul has been a terrific client and we have had killer shoots for 4 years now. Charlotte played hostess at her home/studio, handing out iced lattes on this Indian Summer day of gorgeousness.

Paul picked some great angles one of which is the image attached here. I lit Charlotte simply and to look a part of the picture behind her, but not completely in it. I had had a little time earlier to talk and joke with her before Paul arrived, so she was comfortable letting me take her through different poses. One umbrella mixed with some window light from the same direction, 30-40 shots there and a few in another room, and we were done. Sadly, that meant we had to leave.

Like a small, ugly tornado, we were there and gone before anyone could order a second latte.

_MG_7004_Charlotte Tyrell_Master
Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (3 months)Nashville

From a party for the Tennessee Justice Center at Bass Berry Simms — the penthouse of the Pinnacle Building in Nashville.

_MG_5061_Pinnacle_Penthouse_final 1920
 Rob Lindsay Pictures


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (3 months)Nashville

Just returned from three days shooting in Palm Beach, where we went for a family wedding. Mostly travel images, in and around the Breakers Hotel, which is an amazing place. The town is very pretty, as you would expect, with little cobbled courtyards filled with tiny shops and restaurants.

And of course, the ocean…

To see more, please drop in here: It’s a pleasant antidote for the winter blahs.

Palm Beach by Rob Lindsay

Palm Beach by Rob Lindsay


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (4 months)Nashville/Ryman Auditorium

Shooting for CMT Network on Friday, I went backstage to shoot a piece with Kip Moore, who was headlining at the Ryman that night. He was surrounded by adoring fans as he played acoustic versions of his songs for them — a lucky few!
Later, with Jamie Moore (no relation) handling audio, I shot part of his concert for CMT. A great crowd and a terrific show!

 Rob Lindsay Pictures


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (4 months)Nashville

Working with Peggy Lynn Rowe, a producer and friend, I was granted access to photograph items from the evidence kept from the 40 year old case of the murder of Stringbean, one of the Grand Ol’ Opry’s most popular artists. His murder rocked Nashville and the country music establishment. Many who lived here then felt it was the end of Nashville’s innocence.

Peggy Lynn has been developing this project for a while, and called me to shoot the actual clothing that Stringbean and his wife Estelle, were wearing when they were murdered in 1974. Working in a conference room at the County Clerk’s office, a very kind lady unwrapped each piece and laid it out on a bare table in a small conference room. It was a deeply troubling and macabre experience, as if the clothes were trying to talk to us. I shot for an hour and had to leave, choking in the close air.

Rest in peace.

Rob Lindsay Pictures

Video Producer/Videographer

Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (4 months)Nashville

I just spent a busy day shooting client testimonials with Kim from ACI Worldwide, a creator of software for the financial industry. They must make a great product, because their clients were thrilled to talk about it!

Kim was a terrific client and producer. She kept the subjects coming on schedule through the day without a hitch. We shot against a pure white background with LED sources recording to my Canon 6D. I will be editing the footage into nine individual videos for ACI after Kim has had a chance to mark the best parts, since I had NO idea what they were talking about!

Thank you, Kim!

ACI grab Frame1


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (8 months)Nashville

This ongoing project is one that developed out of a visit to Nashville’s dance night at Centennial Park three years ago. Under a huge open sided-roof there, a 20 piece Swing band was playing to a crowd of 3-400 people of all ages, sizes and colors. And all of them had huge grins on their faces as they danced!
The feeling of the place was of ecstasy — really. I returned with a camera and have been shooting that feeling at dances ever since.
This may evolve into an article or more. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m fascinated by the effect of movement of a person’s mood, and I hope these pictures can connect you to their feelings.
More is on my site —

_MG_4659_Dip light_Master

Video Producer/Videographer

Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (4 months)Franklin and Nashville, TN

On Saturday the fourth I began shooting ten on-street interviews for a major bank’s market research project. They needed a diverse mix of people each interviewed separately — and five had to have babies under one year old!
Fortunately the weather was beautiful for taking a stroll with your newborns and I had the first seven interviews in the can by noon. Shooting with my new Canon 6D made moving around on the street a snap. Thank you, Nashville!


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (6 months)Nashville

I am currently producing a promotional video for the Nashville Film Institute’s new website. NFI is Nashville’s newest accredited academic institution for learning filmmaking. We are shooting interviews with successful NFI alumni as they are working — not in a chair or a static position, but in the middle of creating.
This gives energy to the interviews and a subtext that tells the viewers: our alumni are so busy they can barely stop to answer our questions. Which is exactly the story we want to share.

I visited the set of alum Kappel Kloninger as they were prepping a story about a post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang, all played by super-nice motorcycle gang members. i shot with the Canon C300, handheld, moving thru the chaos and throwing prepared questions at Kappel while he graciously broke from his work to turn, answer, and return to being up to his elbows in bikes, leather, and mud.

Later I visited Courtney Lewis at her studio where she led a crew thru a green screen shoot for a local retail spot. Again, she graciously took my questions as she was directing her shoot.
Thanks to the wonderful alumni who are sharing their time and thoughts with us!

Interview Reel

Interview Reel

Volunteer Photographer

Tennessee Justice Center
– Present (5 months)Nashville

I have just signed on as volunteer photographer for this wonderful non-profit. Their mission is to help underprivileged people get the health care and other services they are entitled to by TN law, but which they have been denied.
These are our fellow Tennesseans who need our help, and the help they receive from the TJC is awesome. My role is to shoot portraits of these good people to promote the work of the center, and I am proud to be allowed to play a part.


Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (5 months)Nashville

CPA Consulting Group asked me to make a group portrait for them since their success has propelled them to over 13 employees. Wanting to make a picture that was more fun and memorable than the usual, I hit on the idea of a modern-day “Dutch masters” style of image. One that shows their attention to business but still shows they have style and character.
Cathy Werthan, the owner, was behind it the whole way and when the shoot came, despite low ceilings and tight quarters, we created a wonderful set for them to be themselves in. We all had a fun time shooting and Cathy is thrilled with the results. Thanks to all for making it so easy!

_MG_5654_Werthan group_webfile
5656_Werthan Group laughing_websize file


Rob Lindsay Pictures

– Present (5 months)Greater Nashville Area

I have been shooting special dinner parties organized by Jerilyn Morgan. She is bringing a wonderful mix of vegan and other forms of cooking to groups events at private homes that are fun cooking parties for everyone there.
It has been a blast to shoot these and take part in them — the vibe is always great, everyone contributes to the meal and the wine and the food are fantastic!
Jerilyn is available to create these events and i strongly recommend her!
Here are a few of the pictures I took the last time. I hope they convey a bit of the fun and food we enjoyed.

_MG_5540_Zucchini pasta

_MG_5540_Zucchini pasta


_MG_5529_Passing the plates_Master

_MG_5529_Passing the plates_Master


Adjunct Instructor

Nashville Film Institute
– Present (11 months)Nashville

I am teaching scriptwriting and directing to a hard-working group of veterans and other students who are making their first films right now. Teaching story and running scenes with actors for the directing class. We have a very hands-on approach that works well for students who want to learn by doing.

The school has just hired me to shoot a promotional video for them, which we’ll do in the next few weeks, using students in the crew. And the hands-on continues…

Free-lance Photographer

Nashville Arts Magazine
– Present (3 years 11 months)Nashville

I have been blessed to work for Paul Polycarpou and his editor, Sara Lee, for the past few years as one of their portrait shooters. Making portraits of some of the finest artists in the country for the magazine has been a total joy.

Samples are below and on my site.



Ana Monnaco

Ana Monnaco



Giancarlo Guerrero rehearsing with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Giancarlo Guerrero rehearsing with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present Greater Nashville Area

We are a small, award-winning still and video production company in Nashville, TN.
I have directed commercials for:
Doctors Hospital (Augusta),
Walton Hospital (2 campaigns),
Goody’s Clothing,
The University of Tennessee,
Baptist Hospital,
Interbath Showers,
Beretta Shotguns,
and have produced web and promotional videos for:
Country artist Laura Bryna,
Country artist Clay Walker,
Eye Health Partners,
and many others.
Visit our site to view samples of our work.

  • Olena Scarboro
    Olena Scarboro
    Healthcare Marketing and PR Consultant

    I have hired Rob for several video production projects. He brought unparalleled expertise mixed with an undeniable ability… View

  • Chad Denning
    Chad Denning
    Owner – Director – Senior Editor – Gamma Blast

    If all my clients were like Rob I’d be broke! (That’s a compliment!) He comes to sessions very well prepared, knowing what… View

Rob Lindsay Pictures
– Present (6 years 1 month)Southeast

September 2013, producing a 90 minute DVD tutorial for Standing Stone Farms that will teach viewers how to make four different kinds of cheese. The shoot, with expert Paula Butler on camera and four cameras rolling, went very smoothly, finishing only 15 minutes over schedule after a full day. Currently beginning the edit with a final output of one thousand DVD’s for Thanksgiving/Christmas sales.

I produced and directed a four-spot campaign for Doctors Hospital ER in Augusta, GA.

The Dir of marketing, Olena Scarboro, and I concepted four, 15 second spots that each featured a true story from someone who had brought a family member to Doctors’ ER. It wove testimonials with their actual words from interviews I had conducted with them and a scene from their daily life that led to a quick re-enactment in the ER. Whew!

The client loved it — today she just told me that their intake broke 3000 for the month of July, higher than ever, and gave the spots front row credit.

We worked hard to create a message that was truthful and dynamic, using real people. Choosing the right people, crafting the right words, and helping them feel comfortable on the set helped create believable, honest spokespeople from former patients. We even made a blooper reel for them after the edit!

Thanks, Augusta!

Doctors Hospital 15's

Doctors Hospital 15’s

Video Producer Videographer Photographer

The National Guard
(1 year 5 months)Greater Nashville Area

Employed as a civilian contractor to create and produce recruitment videos for the Guard. I worked with many department heads to refine their strategies and messages to Guard soldiers and potential recruits.

Then I scripted and produced videos based on those scripts and on concepts I developed and received authorization for. I also shot stills covering training and publicity.

I deeply enjoyed working with Guard leadership and building relationships with them.

“Who Joins The Guard” was the first of a series of recruitment videos I developed, each designed to follow a different recruit and highlight a different journey into the Guard. It was designed to show a recruit in his or her element of family, school, and friends as he/she entered the Guard’s training program.

The idea was simple: show potential recruits others like themselves who they could relate to.

“Are You Ready?” was a thirty second spot I developed, produced, and shot,that challenged the Guard’s demographic by showing young Guard members pushing their physical limits. The concept was based on the idea that that age group WANTS a real challenge — and the Guard is here to offer it to them!

Examples are on my site. As of August, 2012, the Guard moved the office I was part of to Little Rock, AR, and I decided to remain in Nashville.

Who Joins The Guard?

Who Joins The Guard?

Are You Ready?

Video Commercial Director Videographer

Scene Three
(2 years)Nashville, TN

Scene Three moved me and my family from Los Angeles to Nashville where I worked as director and videographer on a wide range of spots for clients from Baptist Hospital to Heritage Furniture.

At Scene Three I began directing the first of many hospital spots and communications that have defined a large part of my career through today. Helping hospitals reach people who need their services is one of the highest uses for my skills and i grateful for those opportunities.

I continued to work as director and videographer on music videos for country and gospel artists including Reba, Travis Tritt, Raul Malo, and many others.

Director Photography

(13 years)Greater New York City Area and Los Angeles

Shot national commercials for brands such as AT&T, McDonald’s, Burger King, Nabisco, Chevy, Folger’s, Advil, Pan AM, United, Sanwa bank, etc.,all over the world.

Worked with world renown directors on commercials around the country and in Britain and France.

I was fortunate to arrive at the beginning to the Golden Age of commercials in the early 80’s. It was the beginning of visual experimentation that continues to this day.

From fog filters to Mesmerizer lenses to X-Process, to so much more, I was able to try new things and learn from them how to deepen my director’s tools for shaping an image that communicates and holds the viewer’s attention.


New York University

  • Film and Video Production