What’s your look?

I was recently hired to shoot both stills and a video background for an accounting firm’s new website. they wanted warmth and approachability to come through the pictures. After scouting their offices I found several angles and locations that would work together to support that idea with a unified look: bright, backlit, and clean. A look that is modern and airy and implies that the firm is forward-thinking and up-to-date.

IMG_3097_Cathy and Bryan_

And the looks on the faces of Cathy Werthan and Bryan Jones tell the viewer they are approachable and confident.

So what look do you want to convey? Power? Top of the heap? You might want to shoot in your lavish hallways showing depth linked to a power pose like this:


Is this guy a corporate lawyer, or what? The pose, the setting, the angle all tell that story. And these are all elements I think about when shooting for my clients.

How about a Kirtan band, playing mesmerizing music from India? What should their album picture look like? What picture would instantly tell their story? I hope you said


because this is what I shot and Photoshopped for them. And they do sound about as strange as this looks!

Finally, what about Dr Heather Dooley, an independent audiologist who wants you to know she cares more about her patients than the chain down the street?

IMG_2795_Portrait cropped

So what’s your look? it’s kind of important to know, if you want to communicate who you are to others. Especially if your livelihood depends on it. If you don’t know, don’t worry too much. Part of my job is to help you sort that out, and then suggest ways we can communicate it to others with images.

Images that have the right look. For your story.