Hayden Panettiere made my day

Hired by People Magazine to shoot a video segment for them about Hayden Panettiere’s home in Nashville, I arrived with a list of scenes to shoot and no idea of what was waiting for me.

The place was abuzz with People Magazine staff and local make up and hair pro’s, all working around the beautiful, delightful and hugely (yes hugely) fun Hayden. Despite having worked on her show, Nashville, til 1:00 in the morning the night before, she was having a great time working with still photographer Paul Costello and crew. I shot him shooting her and her being fun and beautiful for his camera. Then it was my turn.

My camera was to be Hayden’s guest as we toured her home. Room after room, she was bright, engaging, and had something personal to share that was totally authentic. And, did I mention, a pleasure to be with.

Here is the link to the video we shot: http://people.com/home/hayden-panettiere-nashville-house/  and above is a still taken during the interview I shot with her about her home for People. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Hayden!

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