Catcalling Experience — for Men

Combating Catcalling

These men are listening to what it's like for a woman being harassed while walking down the street.

Posted by AJ+ on Monday, June 19, 2017


Catcalls. Harmless fun, right? Victimless, isn’t it? I think the answers to these questions would split down a gender line. Until the men in question experience artist Terra Lopez’s exhibit, “This is What it Feels Like”.

Entering a small, dark space while wearing headphone playing a recording of catcalls from several different male voices, men are exposed to the feelings that women must deal with on the street around the world. Ugly, demeaning, and frightening. Most of the men I interviewed for this video left the experience gobsmacked and shaken.

Hired by AJ+, I went to Bonnaroo Music Festival in the heat of the Tennessee summer to shoot this video. The experience shook me as well.

Please take two minutes to watch the video and share it with friends. It deserves to be seen.

Thank you.

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