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Karen and Peter Cronin are Cronin Creative, a dynamo of web design in Nashville. We’ve come close to collaborating a few times so I was thrilled when I saw that they had a client who understood the value of video for her new studio’s website: a 57% increase in Google’s ranking just for having video, and the sales edge of a human face to tell the story, rather than just words and stills.

After a scout and an hour’s interview with client Anissa Pollard to collect info about what she wanted to say about herself and her studio, I wrote a two-page script for her acceptance. We set a shoot date and I secured the Kessler slider, lights and crew (Skylar Proctor, who graciously doubled as AC and grip for me).

photoHere’s an iPhone shot from the scout.  You will notice that in the frame grab from the shoot she had installed a mirror along the right side wall, which looked great but added certain difficulties of reflections, etc., that had to be addressed. I decided that the studio, about the size of a long one-car garage, looked best shooting against the front doors. We put tracing paper on them to give a unified graphic look to them and insure nothing outside would be visible, even tho I was blowing them out.

 I felt that some light flair would be a helpful element in further diffusing the background and adding interest to the image. So we rigged a flair light on a boom in the back, adjusting for each shoot as needed, as below.

Annisa med shotFinally, we lit Anissa with an LED panel light of mine thru a large sheet of diffusion. Shooting on the Kessler slider(my favorite since it has variable drag) for the entire shoot allowed easy, integrated moves to complement Anissa’s own movement.

Pilates Studio_Anissa Pollard setup

The edit, done here, took a day and a half and she and Karen and Peter were all very happy with the results, as was I! We have some stills I did as part of the package that will be added to the new site in B&W very soon.

Anissa, Karen, Peter — thank you all so much for a great opportunity to help introduce Anissa’s talents and her new studio to Nashville and the world!

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