Portrait shoot for the Tennessee Justice Center

_MG_8578_TJC_Mike Adcox

The Tennessee Justice Center is working to extend health care to hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans who are without. I volunteered to be one the photogs on call to help with raising awareness of the issue.

Last week I was asked to shoot a portrait of Mike Adcox, a man who has worked all his life but lost his coverage shortly before a disabling accident. Mike had testified before a state committee about his situation and a plan that could have helped. They voted it down.

This is to my eye the best picture I made of Mike. I shot others of him smiling, but this intensity was what came through loud and clear to me. I chose what seemed to be his personal room and as I set up a speedlight into the ceiling he leaned on the table to rest his back as he talked.

I loved the dynamism of the pose and asked him to hold it while we talked and I shot. The single bounce light was doing it’s job: lighting the room, but giving him a higher exposure and popping him from the scene.

I wanted to make a portrait that placed him in his life for us, but also make sure that he was primary in the scene. And I wanted to reflect that intensity I saw right from the start.

Thank you , Mike, and best of luck.

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