Pilates studio still photo shoot

In a previous post I described a web video and still shoot at the Marathon Pilates Studio with Anissa Pollard, the client, and Karen Cronin of Cronin Creative, who is creating the new website for Anissa.

Anissa was thrilled with the video and the still photography, so last week we returned to the studio to shoot a few more stills. My Scottish blood made me keep the 1000H diffusion paper for the front doors from the last shoot, so rehanging it was a snap. Tests had shown me that diffusion was needed to unify the graphic look of the background, since the sun didn’t quite make it to that set of glass doors, and toward the end of the afternoon, I had to put a light outside them to burn out any detail from creeping shadows.

Since I shoot almost everything with speedlights now, it was quick and simple to set up three lights for the main angle: two edge lights and a key into an umbrella. I use a powerpack from Pixel (Amazon) for each flash that runs eight Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries in addition to the four already in the flash head. I’ve gotten hundreds of flashes from a single set of batteries with no variation in output.

Here’s how the pictures turned out:

_MG_9131_Anissa_teaching_ _MG_9162_Stephanie_teaching

it was important to all of us that we show the studio being popular and full, so stacking up the main subjects with foreground and background action was how I choose to set it up. The room was long and narrow, too, limiting choices. But it was the fact that the doors and glass block entrance were the only the only elements the room had that could be leveraged to create visual interest that pushed the decision. A light, airy mood could be created with that background and high-key lighting — very different from the room unlit:


Shot with my Canon 6D and 70-200 t/4 lens at around 100-124mm, Anissa, Stephanie, and Claire were great, unflagging models. Along with two headshots and two more action shots, we wrapped the photography shoot in 3.5 hours, plenty of time left to enjoy the rest of the first Spring day. Thanks, Anissa!


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