Personal introduction videos for business websites

Personal introduction videos are in growing demand now, and we have been asked to create a few of them for our clients. Basically, in the age of social media and “no more secrets”, people want to get a sense of what kind of person is behind the text and stills of the service provider website they are considering.

This is happening a lot in the health care field, where a bit of hand-holding can be required for those considering medical procedures they’d rather not think about. But it’s also spreading to other fields, including law and finance.

And the reasons are plain: we are conditioned to read faces and make judgements. Do we trust this person? Do we like him? Would we feel safe in their care? These are the (unspoken) questions an introduction video is designed to answer. Not “How much do I know” or “What cool whizzbangs I use”. Those can be put across in text and bios.

These short videos are designed to present the provider’s personality in a positive and welcoming way. As someone the viewer can feel comfortable with and trust.

And that’s what we designed for Dr Heather Dooley of Lifetime Hearing. I was hired to shoot stills and a video for her new site through Audiology Designs, in Texas. After a visit to her offices and an interview with her about her practice, I wrote a script that she approved and began to memorize. (We can use a teleprompter if that’s a problem.)

On the day, we shot stills with extras standing in for patients and then set up for the video. Shooting in the waiting room, I broke the shoot into five shots, using a slider to add movement and giving her a cue to turn to the next camera position at the end of each shot. This gave the video more visual interest and gave Dr Dooley less pressure to remember all the lines for each take, since we were only shooting one part at a time.

She did a fantastic job, as you will see if you watch the video above. She came across calmly and authentically, needing only a little direction from me. And all those who will be looking for an audiologist in her area will now have a chance to meet her, not read about her. And get a feeling for not just what, but who she is.

Which puts her waaay ahead of her competition.

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