Why watch a hospital spot?

I think that to most people’s way of thinking, hospitals are only a peg or two above funeral homes in their mind’s catalog of “things I want to dwell on”. So they’re a little more difficult to advertise than, say, cars or vacations. People turn them off in their heads before they even get started. Not really fair :(.

So what can a provider do? Good advertising works — if it gets watched. And what do people want to watch? Good outcomes. Happy endings.  All the “after” and none of the “before”. With a storyline or a testimonial from a believable source,  these will be watched and remembered.

We have been making award-winning and well-remembered commercials and web videos for providers of all sizes — from Pilates studios to full-sized hospitals. Our best are below. I hope you love them as much as we do. Thanks for watching!


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